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Welcome to Mitch Marcus Music.  Check out some of the different projects that make up MMM.   You can stream tracks from many of the groups I play in, as well as write and arrange music for, including The MMQ , The MMQ + 13,     Molly Tigre, Stanley, Invaders Trio, Jaan Gaati Band, Counterpointe Chamber Ensemble and much more still to come over the coming months.   Go to the “music” page and all these bands and more are there.  Come back here from time to time as I will post the latest news here on this home page.

MM Invaders Trio Record now out! We are very excited about this release.

Please check it out! Streaming/Downloads HERE   also, CD is available by emailing

You can find other mmq records right here..  (digital) and cd’s (see above)

Molly Tigre new website and record.!  Molly Tigre Cassette link yeah, cassette link, HERE!

new music new music new music

The Ocho – 8th and final installment in the “lockdown series.”  The Ocho features Paul Grassini on Guitar, Joe Abba on Drums, Leon Boykins on Bass, Henry Hung on Trumpet, Mitch on Organ, Baritone and Tenor Saxophones.  Audio mixed by Paul Grassini.  Video by MM.

Waxing and Wayning  New tune written for the Mitch Marcus Quartet dedicated to Wayne Shorter.  This performance (as with the ones below) was recorded remotely from all of the U.S..  It features Mike Abraham on guitar, George Ban-Weiss on Bass, Jeff Marrs on Drums, Mitch on Tenor Sax and Organ and is mixed/mastered by Stephen Barncard.  Enjoy!

During these crazy covid months i’ve been working on a ton of new music of all sorts.  Here’s some video/recording of some funky groove tunes been doing with a bunch of great musicians.

Funky ol’ 7 – 7th installment in the series of music written during the lockdown! featuring: Paul Grassini – Guitar, Leon Boykins – Bass, Joe Abba – Drums, Mitch Marcus – Organ, Baritone Saxophone, Flutes.  Audio mixed by Paul Grassini.  Video Edited by Mitch Marcus

Hook, Line, Sinker, Slider – by Molly Tigre, featuring:  Ezra Gale – Bass, Joe Abba – Drums, Mitch Marcus – Baritone, Tenor Saxophones and Farfisa Organ, Chris Hiatt – Flute and Alto Saxophone, Mamadou Konate – Djembe, William Cantazaro – shaker

Out the Door Samba  featuring: Mike Abraham- Guitar, Joe Abba-Drums, Mitch Marcus-Organ/Tenor Saxophone and George Ban-Weiss- Bass (Upright and Electric), and mixed by Stephen Quinn Barncard.  Video Editing – MM

Epistle to Dippy (by Donovan) I rearranged this great tune after hearing a totally different rhythm (that i couldn’t get out of my head) for the main riff and went with it.  The band crushes it!;  John Blevins – Trumpet, Mike Abraham – Guitar, George Ban-Weiss – Electric Bass, Mitch Marcus – Organ/Tenor Saxophone, Brian Fishler – Drums, Sylvain Carton – Baritone Saxophone and mixed by Stephen Quinn Barncard.  Video Editing – MM

Fiver – another new one, with Paul Grassini – Guitar, John Blevins – Trumpet, Sylvain Carton – Baritone Saxophone, Mitch Marcus – Organ/Tenor Saxophone, Joe Abba – Drums, Leon Boykins – Bass, and mixed by Paul Grassini.  Video Editing – MM

more to come soon…