Jam ‘n’ Jellies



A rather big departure from the other projects included here, this is a children’s album written by Mitch Marcus, Sylvain Carton, Sarah Marcus, and Mouzhan Yousefi-Carton.  All the music was written and inspired by Mitch and Sarah’s son Luke. These were fun, casual writing sessions at the Marcus home in Berkeley while Luke was crawling around the living room.

The idea was spawned by Brian Marcus, “Grape”, who would gently offer suggestions as to different themes for tunes.  The Jam n Jellies, Jammin in the park is a fun filled listening adventure.  Your kids will love it.  Your friends kids will love it .  Their friends kids will love it.  Guaranteed.



Dream Big


Raspberry (Mitch Marcus) on keyboards, vocals

Strumbleberry (Sylvain Carton) on guitar, bass, vocals

Pomegranate aka pom-pom (Mouzhan Yousefi-Carton) on fiddle and vocals

Mint (Sarah Marcus_ ( on vocals

White Grape (Luke Marcus) – inspirational leader

Grape (Brian Marcus) – idea man

The whole album Jammin in the Park is available digitally below. Also, more coming soon!