Jaan Gaati Band

Original compositions that infuse Indian classical Raga music with Jazz.  This group creates ambient sound tapestries with violin and saxophone being the primary melodic voices.  The underlying pulse is set by the Tabla playing of Sameer Gupta and is surrounded by drums, upright bass, and acoustic guitar.

This group was formed a few years back before playing at the SF South Asian music center, The Sangati Center.   Jaan Gaati in Hindu means “life sings.”  This title, while accidental in its naming, is quite beautiful and adds to the overall palette. The original version of the group featured me on tenor sax, Gautam Tejas Ganeshan on violin, Mike Abraham on guitar, George Ban-Weiss on bass, Sameer Gupta on tablas, and Eric Garland on drums.

Recently, after a long hiatus, this band played a stellar show with some new material and a new lineup of  amazing musicians from right here in New York City.

Below are some music samples from a recent show at The Tea Lounge in Brooklyn, NY.  Jaan Gaati Band played as part of The Raga Massive music series.  The new, east coast outfit of Jaan Gaati is Mitch Marcus – tenor saxophone, Arun Ramamurthy – violin, Perry Smith – guitar, Sam Minaie – bass, Sameer Gupta – tablas, Ches Smith – drums.

Sangati Suite part 1

 Jaan Gaati

 Sangati Suite part 3